lyrics on chord track?

I have cubase 7, can I display lyrics on chord track.
I thought, I saw something along those lines on YouTube, but now I can’t find it.


(I just looked… didn’t see anything on YouTube either :wink: ). Anyways…
The Chord Track can only display… errm… chords (well, not quite true, it can also display scales).
If you want to see Chords and Lyrics together, then you need the Score Editor…
Getting the Chord Track to display in the Score Editor is easy… you just need an existing Part on a MIDI or Instrument Track, and use the Scores menu option>Advanced Layout>Show Chord Track.
For the Lyrics you do have to insert a note at every place you want a lyric… although, the track doesn’t have to point to a particular instrument, so it doesn’t really matter what note you choose (although the real melody would of course be preferable :wink: ). If you then want to Hide the notes (so, just leaving their associated lyrics), select them and, in the Set Note Info dialog, set them to “No Stem”, and with a blank note-head (simply Hiding the notes will also hide the lyrics, unfortunately).

I have had similar thoughts. It would, in fact, have been convenient having a “text-track” displaying lyrics, in certain situations. Especially when recording vocals.

I’m not quite sure about the best way to design it. But I have some vague ideas about a track divided into bars, where the parts of the lyrics are displayed within the bars they belong to.

To avoid editing the text belonging to each bar individually, there had to be either some kind of tags separating the text in “bars” - or a way to drag text-parts between bars.

When zooming out, so the space within the bars become too small to display the lyrics, the text could truncate (like in the Mixer), and display in tooltips on mouse over - or something like that…

Nice idea.

Perhaps they could take a lanes type of approach with lane 1 being for the chords, Lane 2 for the lyrics, Lane 3 for the melody notes.

This concept could then be expanded to have a notes lane. It would be nice to be able to put time based notes up, but not necessarily tied to markers.

It would also be cool to be able to make the track sticky so you could always have it at the top.

The arranger track can contain text. Not a very good place to enter and edit text, especially if the text in the song is long, but it can serve as a navigation tool at least.