Lyrics or special text for counting beats

I stepped into something what I don’t know how to accomplish. I searched google and this forum, but haven’t found a solution, probably I am using the wrong search terms. I need to add text that is counting the beat, like 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + or 1a+e2+a+e. I think u get the idea.
I did such stuff in Musescore cause I was able to put text into the on certain beats by using the advanced cursor.
Dorico is kinda using the advanced cursor by default. sooooo is it possible to create something like what I want? Here is a picture of what I am trying to do.

You could either add text during note input at the specific rhythmic positions (yuck!) and then flip, or what I do is add in notes where you want any text, use lyrics, and then remove the notes.

I haven’t done this in a while so don’t be cranky if it doesn’t work anymore! :grin:

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seems to work :slight_smile: but yeah its (yuck) move, alt+x, enter the number , esc, move, alt+x. and so on :slight_smile:

the lyric approach is much faster :slight_smile: one measure with eights, enter the lyrics, delete notes, then just copy that measure and start entering notes :slight_smile: that’s good!


If you use Text, you can select one bar’s count, and Alt-click into each bar.

hm i am trying, I Alt-click into the top of the bar and choose a beat, and press J - create text. but the text starts always from the beginning. what kind of text do I have to use?

No: Create one bar’s worth of text items, select it, and then Alt-click on the next bar to copy it.

This would actually be a great feature request: adding a beat counting text option. It is something rather common in worksheets. Not for music publishing, but as it is a kind of text that is very much connected to the rhythmical grid and works differently from other texts like lyrics or chords, it would be useful to have, as it is cumbersome to add it in another way or with a graphics program after printing the notation to pdf. It could also include special features like marking certain beats. I do that often in handwriting while teaching piano.

One can set this up rather easily as @nevermore2k has shown.
settingRhythmGrid.dorico (604.5 KB)

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Or press R!

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R can go wrong because text items don’t have a duration. Alt-click works.