lyrics per voice on a single staff in choral music


How can I efficiently input lyrics per voice on a single staff in choral music?
I found the following way:

  1. inputting lyric text to the upper voice on a staff.
  2. changing the “Line placement” of the upper voice to “Above”.
  3. inputting lyric text to the lower voice on the staff.

Am I correct?

Sorry if this is a duplicated subject. I could not find a similar thread.

Did you try the manual? It suggests Shift+L then Shift+Up arrow…

I could have read the manual closely, but I only tried to find “voice” on the same page. Just by finding a word is not helpful.


I must have done this a million times before, but another senior moment is impeding my effort this time. All I wanted to do was to provide different lyrics for the upper and lower voices here, and imagined that what I’d always done was select the upper voice, use Shift-L in the usual way and then use the Properties panel to move the lyrics above the stave. Then (I thought) I used to select the lower voice, input its lyrics, and that was it. This time, this didn’t work - the lyrics for the lower voice include an extension line - needed in the upper voice but not in the lower - which I can’t persuade to disappear, and in any case I can’t remember encountering this complication before in similar circumstances.
Incidentally, the Shift-L, Shift-Up arrow routine mentioned in the manual has a completely different effect to the description, in that it just adds every item in successive staves to the selection, notes and all. How should I have gone about this?
Unwanted lyric extension line

Always worth turning the colours on to see what’s going on!

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Oh yes!

In the meantime I found that I had no problem with a similar situation later, so I went back to this, and accomplished the task with no problem (before I saw your messages about the colours). Some of my synapses were evidently misfiring previously.