Lyrics section in the Right Zone


As it is right now I have to use multiple programs when it comes to lyrics. This means I also have to save my lyrics on a different file.

To solve this I had the idea that a “Lyrics” tab in the “Right Zone” would be perfect. With an option to zoom/increase font-size the “Right Zone” is big enough that I can read 4 bars of lyrics easily, even at a small distance. With this tab, the lyrics would be saved within the project file as well.

We can bring this even further if you also implement a “Note” tab in the same area, where we can write thoughts and upcoming plans for the whole project.
And yes, I am aware of the notepad for each instrument. However, its a hassle to always bring that up.

I really hope this will be implemented, as it would speed up the creative process as well as solving the hassle with multiple programs and files.

Kindest regards,