Lyrics spacing between bars in Galley View

When in Galley View, long syllables on the last note of a bar often overlap the first syllable on the next bar. This doesn’t happen in Page View, but it is unpleasant when working in GV. Is this issue easily fixable?

Welcome to the forum @TiagoMarques - Dorico doesn’t perform any collision avoidance or intelligent note/staff spacing in galley view, so you will encounter collisions from time to time. The reason it works this way is to reduce pressure on calculation processing when the entire project is shown in one single view.

Off the top of my head I can’t remember if changing the note spacing in the layout will increase horizontal spacing in galley view as well as page view, but you can definitely control vertical spacing in galley view if needed.

Yes, the note spacing rule affects Galley View as well.

Indeed, these little things can be irksome (it doesn’t make more vertical space for multiple lines of lyrics either) but the point of galley view is quick and dirty note entry where you aren’t worried in the slightest about formatting or appearances.

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Thank you all for the responses.

My main issue is that what you call quick and dirty applies as well to lyrics for me: I do a lot of work with inputting music and it mostly is vocal, as in near 100%. When copying and pasting lyrics between staves, it is hard, if not just impossible, to select lyrics overlapping other things. Of course I can always select from the Lyrics Window, but in long works with lots of lyrics that becomes difficult and unpractical as well.

All in all, if spacing lyrics vertically and horizontally is such an issue with computing time, it would be great to have some option to toggle this capability on and off: I believe it would be worth it for all composers and arrangers dealing often with vocal music.

That is definitely nice to know! Thanks :pray:

Rather than selecting them individually, you could make a larger selection (e.g. of the whole staff) and then use filters. Or select one and then use select more. Or select something behind something else by Shift-Alt/Opt-clicking it.

Other methods of large selections are available :slight_smile: