Lyrics track

I’ve gone back and forth on if this would actually be useful or not, but I think it would be nice for composition to have a text track that had facility to allow words to be conformed to and across measures. In other words, semi-loseley tie words to beats. The reason for the looseness is to support lyrics that are purposefully offbeat or counter rhythmic.


I have often thought about that it would be cool to have a lyric track, but I am not sure how much I would actually use it. I would depend on if there was a way to import the lyrics from a Word doc or other type of file. Also would there be an easy way to adjust the project location of each word/syllable to line up with your vocal track.

I am not opposed to this type of feature but I would worry that it is better in theory than it would be in practice. At least for my workflow.

When they add voice recognition that adds the lyrics to the track for you, I’m all in. :slight_smile:

those are my thoughts as well. It would have to have a way to align syllables to beats for sure. And importing/exporting from/to a txt file of some kind would be important. I agree that this could be one of those things that looks good on paper and just isn’t usable in practice. But I’ve had occasions where having the lyrics in the project would have been very helpful.