Lyrics - vertical spacing


to me it looks as if the system underneath the singer with the lyrics is too close:

I set everything back to the Default settings (Layout Options>Vertical Spacing and Engrave Options>Lyrics)
Where can I globally adjust this?
Thank you for help.

What settings do you have in Engraving Options > Lyrics? You probably need smaller values than the defaults.

It might be nice if there was a "Vertically Centre lyrics between staves when distance is less than : " option.

Dear k_b,
I use 1 1/2 value for vertical distance of the lyrics (instead of 2 2/2), and also my lyrics fonts are 12pts (usually Linux Libertine O) instead of 11. You might find those settings provide better results than the default ones.

thank you benwiggy and Marc,

I have now changed the value to 1 1/2 and at the same time changed font size to 12 (for this project I can not change to Libertine font…).
The result is somewhat better, still the singers line is too close to the bass line:

Is this, because this is not a modern score setup (where the singers are above the strings)?

You might need to increase the minimum Staff to Staff distance, though that may cause difficulties elsewhere.

I’m not convinced that making the lyrics bigger will help matters.

Dear k_b,
Have you tried to change the value of the Minimum inter-staff gap with content, in Layout options > Vertical Spacing ? It looks like the default value is 1 space, you might want to make it 2 or more…

Capture d’écran 2018-06-28 à 15.41.10.png

thank you Marc,

this was the place to go, I changed to 2 spaces and the result is much better (font size also back to 11 for now):

Great! Thanks for the feedback!