Lyrics without extender lines

I think this is a feature request, but I may be missing something?
Could we have a setting to left align lyrics that don’t have an extender line due to space?
Thank you.

If it’s on the first syllable of a melisma, then it should be left-aligned even if the line doesn’t show.

They seem to be centred. If I attach lyric to the first note only it is centre-aligned to that note. If I add to both notes, then it shifts to the right and ends centred between them. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Make sure you’ve pressed space after the syllable.

There should be no difference in the position of these two:

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Ben’s advice to remember to press space should be sufficient. The only exception to this are exceedingly tight layouts where Dorico does some nudging for you, but even then it tends to be minor and if you touch an auto-nudged syllable in engrave mode things snap to allow more space. (And even then, I do not believe this function affects left-aligned lyrics as that’s a hard/fast rule.)

100% pushing space. I’ll try to post a video, but when I use space to move it past the second note of the melisma, the word on the first note shifts to the right.

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Can you just show a screenshot? Are you saying that the syllable aligns differently depending on whether there’s enough space for the extender line, or not?

There are Engraving Options for the default alignment of syllables. Maybe check that they’re not set to something else.

The behavior you describe is what I do experience too. But I don’t find it embarrassing at all, I actually quite like it… Am I wrong? As a singer, I find it quite clear.