M-Audio Code 25

I have Cubase 10 pro running on Windows 10 @ 64bit. I’m trying to set up my new Code 25 to play VST instruments and also control some of the features in Cubase such as faders, pans, track selection, record etc. I’ve encountered a really annoying problem which is that one note the D note above middle C won’t switch off when I release it. The other notes seem fine but this D note plays the correct instrument note which just hangs in a sustained wash for ever. I press the start control on the Code 25 which starts the transport, then I press the stop control which stops the transport and the note stops too.Until the next time I play the dreaded D and it all goes to hell again. Also when the faders on the M-25 art in (grren light) fader mode (Mackie), they can increase and decrease volume on tracks but on a VSTi track (amd the master output track) the fader also changes the pitch of the instrument like the pitch wheel would. It’s driving me up the wall and I’m thinking I’ve bought a controller that isn’t compatible with Cubase. Help.

Actually I need to update this, the note that’s the problem isn’t D - my bad etc. - it actually the E above. I hope this makes more sense to any midi masters out there