M-audio Delta 1010lt and Cubase Window selection.

Hi Folks,

I did an upgrade from Cubase sx2 up to 7.5 last year but since then Personal problems have meant that I have done virtually nothing with it since. Now my probs are resolved I am about to really get going with Cubase and have today downloaded and installed Pro 8. So please treat me a s a virtual newcomer, however I am a quick learner.

Two issues I cannot find a solution for are:-
Firstly, that the soundcard window won’t open in the ASIO Setup box. I just open it from my taskbar, interesting to know why that is.

Secondly and more importantly the relationship between the Cubase program window(s) and the Delta Soundcard. If I am playing back a project and want to change any settings in the Soundcard, as soon as I swap over, Cubase stops playback. As soon as I go back to Cubase it starts again. Is this something that I can rectify or is it an issue with Windows rather than Cubase?

Thats all for now. In the meantime I will crack on with the videos & manuals & get up to some sort of speed.
Kind regards
Jeff Wraight :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff - I have the exact same card; no solutions to either I’m afraid. This is just the way it is. One learns to just get on with it…

My view has been its M-Audio’s job to update the driver/panel package to allow better DAW or audio app (wavelab) integration. But really…? Forget it - its just not going to happen. This is effectively legacy kit now.

I might be right in thinking Studio One for example works better; but its because their whole architecture in this regard is quite different. Again, I don’t think it can call up the 1010 driver control panel, but it can talk to (and take control of) it directly from within the DAW. Nice.

But hey, whatever; you’ve got a great card/driver there - and, welcome to the heady world of Cubase PRO (version 8)…!

Good luck,

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your answer. Well at least I’m not going nuts. I thought I’d missed something simple. At 61 the grey matter is still working but occasionally maxes out when trying to take in too much info too quickly.lol.

All the best & good music making to you!

Jeff :smiley: