M-audio drivers

I am using Cubase 6 on a Windows 7 machine with a i5 processor and 4 g of ram. The only option that cubase provides for me for drivers for my Delta 66 audio card is the cubase generic ASIO driver. Would it be beneficial for me to use the M-Audio driver for my sound card and if so how do I get it to appear on the select drivers list :open_mouth:

Hi daeldred, you should definitely use the Delta 66 drivers, just go to the m-audio site and download the latest delta drivers and install. Then launch Cubase and select the Delta asio driver in the Device setup menu tab.

Thanks for the advice. How do I get the M-audio drivers to show up on the driver option tab?

If they are properly installed Cubase should find them automatically. Like IcyB said, if you download the latest drivers from the MAudio website it should work.