m-audio external sound card

i have an external usb m-adudio sound card(m-track) and cannot config or hear audio from the outputs while in cubase7…outside of the prog the output works fine…instruction with card say to config ctl panel sound settings… unable2 change 2-channel,16 bit,44100 as default format or any other format…is there anyway to use this card in C7

Use its ASIO driver in Cubase and set the connections as explained in the Getting started manual.

thanks 4 taking the time 2 help …going over the config i discovered i had not selected the m track speaker…when u said use there driver i found my self looking 4 a driver from them in device mgtm …in short i selected the direct asio n config the outputs all is well till i feel creative again lol heads up some time u got to theole head banged up to get it moving …thx :smiley: