M-audio Keystation Mini32 disappearing


I have a M-audio Keystation Mini32, and have a weird problem where it sort of disappears from Cubase after some idle time; nothing happens when I press the keys - no midi input to Cubase, nothing. I then have to unplug it and plug it back in again - sometimes in another usb port. Anyone have similar issues? I have USB selective suspend disabled in Windows power settings.



Does the device have something like a sleep mode? Or does the USB bus goes to the sleep mode?

It’s the absolute smallest midi keyboard ever so I don’t think there is any sleep mode anywhere. And have disabled USB selective suspend in Windows as mentioned…


Is it connected directly to the computer? In this case, I would recommend to use an active (powered) USB hub.

Hi - it is connected directly to the computer with no intermediaries.


I’d possible I would try an active (powered) USB hub. To make sure there is always any power coming to the keyboard.