M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 stops responding

Hi folks.
First time posting here!

I wondered if anyone else here has experienced an infuriating issue with M-Audio’s Keystation Pro 88 working fine in Cubase and then suddenly without warning ceases to respond? Pulling the USB cable from the back of the 88 and plugging back in reconnects properly, but that’s hardly a solution!

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

I vaguely remember the same thing happening to me with mine (when I had one).

Depending upon what OS version you are using, one of two things might be happening:

a) The USB port may be being turned off ‘to save power’, which is fixed by:
__ 1) Set the advanced Power Options dialog => plan_name (from list) => USB settings section => USB selective suspend setting = Disabled
__ 2) For each Device Manager dialog => Human Interface Devices and Universal Serial Bus controllers sections => device with Power Management panel => uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power box.
Note that if you change the port on which you plug in a device, the setting may have changed, so you might need to revisit them all again (as you will probably not know which port in Device Manager is currently associated with the device).

b) The maximum number of MIDI device entries allowed in the internal OS table may have been reached, necessitating use of MidiFixUtil.exe utility from m-Audio. Only likely with older OSs. You can also use USBView to clean out old USB device entries.

Hello and thank you for the reply!

As it turns out… I was thinking last night about AC Power and MIDI as opposed to the USB connection… I just connected MIDI OUT to the MIDI In on my Saffire Pro 40 and voila! It works perfectly without a single USB cable involved!

Good ol’ MIDI!


However, if you don’t find out what is actually happening with your USB setup, you have only put off the problem until your next USB instrument or device.

I didn’t know about all that USB stuff Pat, good to know :slight_smile:

But yeah…Good Ol’ midi just WORKS, while I find USB midi is finicky …my YouRock midi guitar had been working with USB, but when one day for the LIFE of me I couldn’t figure out why it stopped working…wasting most of the time i had to spend on my music hobby…NO JOY! I just use it’s standard midi connection now.

Similar thing with my Motu midi 8X8 MTP AV’s, though they have USB interfacing to my computer, due to USB midi being more trouble than it’s worth, I ended up just using one of the Motu’s standard midi outputs into the midi input of my audio interface…not a biggie as I don’t really require that much simultaneous I/O midi traffic, and it works well all of the time!

In a way, these hassles can be compared to having good Ol’ knobs & buttons VS endless menu’s & presets to scroll through…sometimes you just wanna ‘Get R’ Done’ man! With standard midi it’s just that…you’re just done!

Except you cannot configure it or update its firmware through that.

I think my issue was mostly based on the fact that I was using Synthogy’s ‘Ivory’ Grand Pianos… the USB traffic with that huge of a library + sustain pedal is probably what has caused my issues.
I’ve got the Alesis Q88 on order now… we’ll see if the USB connection causes any freezing issues!

Thanks for all of the feedback.