M-Audio M-Track not working in Cubase 10

Hi everyone!

I’m currently traveling around the globe and finally got around to testing out my portable recording rig.
I’m running Cubase 10 Artist on a 64 bit Windows 10 laptop, which runs perfectly when I use my ROLI Seaboard/Lightpad, etc.
(I’ve got that aspect working lovely)

The issue I am having is trying to get the STUDIO SET-UP to accept the M-Audio M-Track (original), which I haven’t had a chance to use yet in Cubase.
It reports: “No Hardware Found or Already In Use” when I select it in the ASIO driver and simply won’t work.

What’s strange is that other DAW’s I use (Abelton Live, for example) are receiving the device perfectly and I can play/record my electro-acoustic into that DAW…

I have the latest drivers for the device from M-Audio, and as mentioned; the device is working fine in other DAW’s.
I have EVERYTHING closed when I launch Cubase 10 and as far as I am aware, nothing else to using the device…and it is certainly there!

I hope someone can advise on what is going on, because I’d dearly love to have a little noodle into Cubase on the new electro-acoustic I have bought this week.

Many thanks in advance!



Try to restart Computer and start Cubase immediately after. Does it work this way?