M-Audio O2 Controller registering ASCII keystrokes too.

HI –
Cubase: 10.5.12
MacOS: 10.15.4
O2 M-Audio Keyboard Controller (reset with power-on +/- hold)
Cubase Retrologue 2 loaded

When I press a key like middle C it is registered as a midi note that I hear from Cubase and an ascii keyboard command registered by Cubase (see attached screenshot. Playing C on the keyboard pulls up the save project dialog.)
Any idea why this is happening?
Doesn’t seem to happen in GarageBand.

Any ideas or experience with this appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

Double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices, please. Make sure all the Remote Devices MIDI Inputs are set to Not Connected.

Hi Martin –
Thanks for jumping on this.
I confirm all the Remote Devices MIDI Inputs are set to Not Connected.

Kind Regards,



What kind of devices do you have there? Could you attach a screenshots, please? Because this is the only place, where you can convert a MIDI command/message to a function in Cubase.

Or do you have any 3rd party software doing this?

Is O2 the only one MIDI Input you have?

Thanks Martin! You have helped me solve the problem.

For some reason my O2 USB keyboard was also coming in as a Mackie Controller as well as a midi keyboard! I have no idea why this happened.
See attached screenshot form the Studio Setup.
Now I have switched the Mackie Controller to “not connected” I don’t see the problem.

Thank you again- Cubase is a big application and this has saved me many hours of frustration.

As my knowledge grows I will contribute to this forum.