M-Audio Oxygen 25 + DirectLink + Cubase X = failure

I have a M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK3 keyboard / controller.
This works perfectly fine in both Reason 8 and Live 9.

Since I started using Cubase 5 (now Cubase 8) I’ve yet to see this controller working with Cubase.
This IS A SHAME considering the widespread use of M-Audio series keyboard controllers and keyboards. :imp:

I get the basic controller functions to work when using the Cubase 5 DirectLink .dll, and Midi Channel 10, like the transport controls and main fader, but not the knobs for controlling instruments. :unamused:

I could live with using Midi Learn for these knobs, but the problem is that when I activate this setup with Oxygen 25 as Input in the Remote Controllers section of the device setup, I loose the keyboard functionality, as in the keys are sending midi, but the instruments doesn’t get it.
When I deactivate the Oxygen 25 as a remote controller Input, the keyboard comes to life again.

It’s been like this for the last three major versions of Cubase, and I’m starting to get a tad irritated, if you catch my irony. :open_mouth:

HOW can I make the Oxygen 25 work with Cubase? :imp:


First of all, I’m sorry, but I have to say, the DirectLink is a bad concept, in general, because it’s not bidirectional communication, which is needed for lots of commands, I would say. In M-Audio, they knew it, and they invented Hyper-Control, which is in fact bidirectional DirectLink. As far as I know, DirectLink is even not supported anymore (but maybe, I’m wrong here).

I would recommend you to use Oxygen 25 as a standard MIDI Controller, and use Cubase functions to control different parameters. For controlling Transport functions, I would recommend you to use the Generic Remote Device. For controlling the Virtual Instruments parameters (via knobs), I would recommend you to use VST Quick Controls, or more general Track Quick Controls, which you can use even for controlling VST plug-ins parameters.

Combination of these virtual control devices, you should get everything, what is available on your HW controller.

Yes. The idea of creating some proprietary communications language that is uni-directional sounds like a design flaw out of ordinary proportions… I don’t understand why not Midi CC commands are universal for simple things like start, stop record etc? Or maybe they are, I don’t know.

But how come both Live 9 and Reason are able to map the knobs, fader, track buttons etc. to a working set of instructions depending on what window you have open if they don’t share a common language?

Cubase is a strong contender in the world of MIDI, so one should believe that there is a way to do it that works in Cubase as well…

I’ll check out the Quick Controls and the general remote setup and see how it works out.


No there are not dedicated MIDI CCs for Record, Play, etc. There are some protocols, which do this, but again, there are more then one, so it’s not totally universal.

The Generic Remote Device and Quick Controls will work for you.