M-Audio Oxygen 49 IV (not Pro) as a midi remote controller


Anybody having already connected an M-Audio Oxygen 49 as a midi remote controller ?
I am trying to map the 9 sliders to mixer’s faders but don’t understand how to do it with the mapping assistant tree view items ?
I had a look in the Minilab 2 mapping model coming with Cubase 12, but can’t repro what have been done to map buttons to faders in the mixer settings ??
And on YT videos, it seems that everybody avoid this fader mapping complexity :wink:
When more than 12 tracks in a mix console is there a way to paginate the 9 x O49 sliders to the tracks from left to right.
I see that there is a way to apply one slider to the current track fader and to select next/prev track with button, but I would prefer to have the sliders mapped to following tracks (or group of selected tracks ?).

Thanks for help on this.

I’ve got an older oxygen 61 here.

The idea is this:

  • First step: Set up the Mixer Bank with 8 channels.

  • Then, you will see that the “tree” is populated with Fader Bank Channel 1, Fader Bank Channel 2,… entries up to Fader Bank Channel 8. Think of those as positions. The first fader, second, third, up to eighth.

  • Enter each tree branch and assign its volume to the corresponding fader. (Fader Bank Channel 1 Volume → 1st Fader, Fader Bank Channel 2 Volume → 2nd Fader, etc etc.

That’s it. And then you need to assign two buttons to change banks. So the first fader will control channels 1, 9, 17, 25, depending on which bank you are on.

I assumed you want to keep the last fader as the master fader. If you want all 9 faders to control channels, create a 9 channel bank instead of an 8 channel one.

Edit: Here’s a screenshot, now that I can.

Use the search bar. It singles out entries, and makes it too easy to assign parameters. Move fader 1, double click on Channel 1 Volume. Move fader 2, double click on Channel 2 Volume. Easy.

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Thank you, it seems exactly the solution to what was puzzling me, I will try this evening.

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