M-Audio Oxygen MIDI input stops working

Please read the first lines carefully before taking guesses, it saves us all a lot of time:

System: Cubase 12 PC/WIN 11
Hardware: M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

This is not about generic remote device / MIDI remote configuration. I just give my configurations, but it has nothing to do with CC mapping setup.

In Cubase 11 I had a mackie and a generic remote device setup for the two modes of the oxygen.

In Cubase 12 now the generic remote ist gone. I can setup a MIDI remote, if I want to configure any sliders or pans. But I don’t need them for now so I deleted all my MIDI remote configuration.

When I start/restart my computer and start up Cubase 12, midi input works as expected.
This is my config

Everything seems correct, but after some time, MIDI input stops working, there’s no data coming in anywhere. Restarting Cubase also doesn’t help, so one could suspect a driver crashing or something.
But: Cubase 11 never did this and still doesn’t, I loaded it up and let it run for 3 hours, everything still fine, Cubase 12 works for a while, after varying different amounts of time it stops reading MIDI input, but a safe thing is to wait for about 15-20 minutes not touching anything (all power save options are disabled) and MIDI input won’t come back until complete system restart.

Just to be clear, again, I’m talking about playing notes. At this point I’m not interested in CC data or anything that needs configuration and mapping, just good old plain pressing keys for music data action going on.

Anyone else experiencing this and maybe have found a way around?

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