M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 isn't working right with Cubase 12

I am experiencing trouble getting the Oxygen Pro 49 to correctly work in Cubase 12. In Ableton Live 11, everything works perfectly fine out of the box. I switch the DAW preset to Ableton on the controller, and everything works perfect, when I press the play button on the controller, the play button is pressed in the DAW. However in Cubase 12, I cannot get this to work at all. I select the Cubase DAW preset, but none of those buttons make Cubase respond. Furthermore, trying to set up one of their new Midi Remotes on the controller, it asks me to move anything on the controller to begin, and pressing and turning everything does nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m on the latest hardware update, and I’m on Windows 11, Cubase 12.0.20

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Did you choose correct MIDI Input Port for the MIDI Remote? It might be, Oxygen is using dedicated port for the Remote data.

Looking at the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 manual it has multiple input and output ports and the DAW controls are on MIDIOUT3 and MIDIIN3 - so @Martin.Jirsak is quite correct.

Here’s the table from the manual

MIDI Ports

Oyxgen Pro Output Ports

Messages Windows macOS
Preset Mode Controls, Keys, Pads, Timing Clock Messages Oxygen Pro ## USB MIDI
DAW Mode Controls, Pads MIDIOUT3 (Oxygen Pro ##) MACKIE/HUI
Preset Editor MIDIOUT4 (Oxygen Pro ##) EDITOR

Oyxgen Pro Input Ports

Messages Windows macOS
Timing Clock Messages In Oxygen Pro ## USB MIDI
5-Pin MIDI DIN In MIDIIN2 (Oxygen Pro ##) MIDI DIN
DAW LED control, and Mackie/HUI Heartbeat Messages MIDIIN3 (Oxygen Pro ##) MACKIE/HUI
Preset Editor MIDIIN4 (Oxygen Pro ##) EDITOR


I would use MIDIOUT3 in this case.

So are you saying that, of all those options, I should uncheck all except Midi in and out 3?


No. I try to say, you should select the MIDIOUT3 MIDI Port as an input for your MIDI Remote Device.

I figured it out, but it only responds to knobs and faders, not drum pads or buttons.


The drum pads are sending the data via other MIDI Port, I would guess. I’m not sure with the buttons.

On the M-Audio website when you sign in under your products click on your keyboard and go to the setup instructions for Cubase. I know - you did that. Just to make sure.
Now, go back and look at the picture of the midi patch page that people are directing you to. Enlarge that photo so you can read it. You have to duplicate that exactly. It’s short but not simple. The idea is not to send signals wrong places or into dead ends because you only have a single keyboard controller and you only have this:
This setup page is in Cubase under studio setup like it says.

Also after you get the midi working, there are several settings on the keyboard and in the DAW that are show stoppers. I posted them here along with a fuller answer:

HELP: Cubase 11 and M-Audio Oxygen 61 MK4 Problems - Cubase - Steinberg Forums, (NO LINKS ALLOWED) help-cubase-11-and-m-audio-oxygen-61-mk4-problems/799836/20