[m] DeeperNET Feat. Zefora - Ambient Electronic Vocal Track

Hi everyone. This is my first piece of music that I have shared on the Cubase forums. I hope you all can take a minute and let me know what you think. I had the pleasure of working with a talented female vocalist this time around, and I think it turned out pretty good. This was our first collaboration and it’d be a great help to know if what we did right and what we did wrong, so we can advance on our next project. Thanks!

This was all made inside Cubase 6 with a Virus TI, NI Battery 3 with various FX.

http://soundcloud.com/deepernet/00-deepernet-zefora-lost {edit}

I think you did pretty well there. I found the percussive sound you used pretty cool at first, but it just kept going on for 5 minutes and I got bored with it after a while. Guess it could use some variation.

I also found the first half of the song lacked some musical content, it sounds too percussive and I was waiting for some nice chords or bass to enter. When the strings finally entered in the second half I found they were a bit loud and not really fitting, can’t really point out why though.

You did a nice job on the mix overall, no errors stick out to me. Good job on making an electronic track sound organic, my attempts are usually very robotic both in sounds and in rythm.

really like the percussive opening, once the vocals start, in places it hides the vox a bit. overall I think the concept is great and I enjoyed immencely. maybe a touch of fine tuning makes this an amazing track, I personally love the voice.

Thanks for taking the time and listening, both of you, and I appreciate your comments.

A couple thoughts …

Yes, it’s a percussive track, with subtle chords and deep sub bass. I did not want to take away from the vocals as the percussion is enough to battle them. It was a challenge working those two together without taking away from one and another. I suppose this was my happy median. I was hoping the filter sweeps and FX would keep the percussion interesting enough as it the underlined theme of the track, but perhaps not? They were kind of meant to be the ‘top end’ of my bassline in a way.

Anyways… Thanks again! …And glad you enjoyed it bluebob. :slight_smile:

yeh like it. youve put some nice rhythmic fx in there and the vox sound nice ,weird having the drums and vox going at the same time then the pause, but it works you might need a compressor to be triggered by the vocals when they happen to pull the drums back, dont ask me how you do it but i have it on a video clip on my pc somewhere. i like the reverb on the drums , only thing i thought let it down was the instrumental break the sound was a bit naff and the melody wasn`t up to much ,apart from that yes it was good and sounded very current.

Thanks for listening! I’ve fixed a couple things you folks had mentioned, like sidechaining the vocals against the percussion. This worked well. :slight_smile: Also, changed the instrumental break a bit and made the transition a bit smoother I think. I haven’t uploaded new version, but will soon. Thanks again for all who listened, comment or not. :smiley:

I updated with the mix with some suggestions from you folks here. Feel free to listen!


I like it a lot now, much better :smiley: