M1 native mode running C12 Most plugins are blacklisted. Includes VST3 plugin

I am a computer with m1 chip. When running Cubase12 natively, almost all plug-ins are blacklisted, including VST3 plug-ins, and the unsupported architecture (inter) is displayed in the plug-in manager. How to solve it? But running as Rosetta 2 shows all fine

As far as I understand, you cannot mix Native M1 and Intel, meaning that if you run Cubase 12 natively, all your plug-ins must be native M1 too.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Sort of hope I am, since most of my plug-ins are not M1 native yet.


But what I’m more confused about is why Logic Pro X scans all my plug-ins and works flawlessly.。。。

Beats me. Could be that Apple has a better knowledge of how to develop to their own hardware than the rest of us mere mortals? But again. I could be wrong.


As mentioned in my similar thread on this - Ableton Live has no problems with all of the plugins Cubase has blocked when that is in native mode.

It was running fine on my side with all plugins working. Cubase crashed and upon restarting all intel plugins have now been blacklisted, basically making mosts of my projects unworkable… I’m a little confused on the Native vs Rosetta 2 and how it’s set for the application? I always thought this was a “hands off” type of thing and the OS was taking care of that. Is there a way to force Cubase 12 to Rosetta 2?

Update: Looks like a restart of the computer solved the issue. Pfew!
If ever you run into this, now you’ll know :wink:
Back to making music now. Cheers!

Yes I am experiencing the same thing with my NI plugins (except Kontakt). As soon as I take Cubase out of native mode all of my Intel plugins are available.

Wow, the power of simplicity, lol :slight_smile: . I’ll try power cycling my MacBook because I am experiencing the same thing!

Hey bigcat75, I’m not sure about NI plugins. I thought most of them were VST2 only. Are you using them on Cubase 12?

m1 native version of cubase can’t run intel plugins. only vst3/apple silicon

Yeah Kontakt is the only one that will run in C12.

The native version for me is totally unusable. Plugins I didn’t even think about like Wall of Sound and Soeaker Mix Pro are not there. Far too many plugins are not VST3 and given Steinberg has decided no VST2 or AU, a significant number of my go-to plugins aren’t an option in native. Given that this did not need to be the case (it’s a business decision not a tech limitation), I think I’ll just stick to my other native DAWs (Ableton/Logic) for now.

VST2 fine but how can you not support AU on Mac? It’s not like Logic doesn’t support VST. AU has automatic bridging for non-native and would solve all sorts of problems

I’d like AU support for apple users. Taking away VST2 is ok with me but it would be nice to get a tradeoff for it.

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No Overbridge either. Given the speed at which Elektron moves, maybe Cubase 13 will be useful in native. Rosetta only for me apparently. Leaves me very disappointed, as this wasn’t necessary.

Might be a business decision. Steiny is the father of VST, and if they would start supporting AU in Cubase on Mac, where would the incentive be to develop Mac VST’s? If I as a developer knew that all Mac DAW’s supported AU, why use VST at all?

Just a thought.

AU is Mac only. VST is the only game in town for Windows, so why would it go anywhere? Either way, it’s a decision that made their lives easier, not one that any user was looking for.

I was referring to Mac development only. I fully agree that on Windows VST is the way to go.