M1 or Intel Mac-mini?

I’m about to replace my iMac (2013) 8 gb ram, but I’m not sure if I should go for the M1 Mac mini with 16 gb ram or the Mac mini with Intel and 32 gb ram. I use Cubase and the East/West Music libraries to make symfonic soundtracks for movies.

Which Mac mini would be best?

September is the announcements month for Apple. So I would wait a little bit more before deciding as there might be updated products but if you do not want to wait, I would go for the M1.

M1 without hesitation.
But, as ozinga suggested, if you’re able to wait there will be some news about the M1x coming soon. I know they’re shipping the new MBP with the M1x.

See my comment and video that I posted on another thread.