M2 Macbook Air and Wavelab 11. BRILLIANT

I am currently starting the process of relocating the studio, and so I don’t have access everyday to my studio.

To help in travel days and to keep on top of projects I bought one of the new M2 MacBook Air laptops.

I’m running with my RME ADI-2 pro fs-r and Wavelab 11 Apple Silicon native and authorised with the new dongle-less license.

Its a fantastic combination. Thanks PG for the native coding, and the new Steinberg dongle-less lifestyle.


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What a time to be alive. I’ve been leaning on my mobile setup more lately too and having WaveLab be Apple Silicon native and dongle free has been a real treat.

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The other key part of the puzzle in this case was also Backblaze B2
All current projects are backed up daily at the studio to a Synology NAS
I also archive completed projects to the same NAS.
Each night, the Synology is backed up to offsite backblaze B2 storage.
So when I got an urgent request to re-order files for a vinyl cut, I was able to use Transmit to log into the B2 ‘buckets’ and download the project I needed to work on.
The Transmit/B2 combo is way quicker and more reliable than trying to use Synology’s own remote connect system, or indeed Backblaze B2’s own file transfer system.

Ive seen and heard of more problems with Backblaze, when keeping it running in the background…
I do this backup manual now, to different disks, and am thinking of a NAS…

Can i use the NAS with the regular Backblaze? (non B2)

Standard backblaze and Backblaze B2 are very different.

You have to use B2 to back up a synology.
You can schedule it to run as you wish. In my case at night when I am not working.
The backup software is part of Synology’s suite of applications