M4a and MP3s

I’m trying to edit an existing piece of music, but I got a notice from Cubase saying MP3’s are not supported and it won’t even let me get that far with M4a’s. From what I understand, M4a’s are not supported in Cubase, but I’ve edited M4a’s before in Cubase, which is confusing. Not really sure what’s going on here…
PSA, I’m on Cubase 11 Pro.

MP3 import is supported natively in Cubase 11 Pro. Just go to Import Audio and that should work.

M4A import is not natively supported, but as a workaround, you can open a M4A file in SpectraLayers One (included in your Cubase 11 Pro installation), save it as a WAV file, and then import that WAV file into Cubase 11 Pro.

Hope this helps!

Yep, that worked. Thanks!

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I’m still getting a notice saying that MP3’s are not supported. I’m royally confused here.

Interesting development. I can import Mp3’s that have been imported to my computer through iTunes but not through random “YouTube-to-Mp3 converters.”

I wonder when is this going to be finally supported I am currently opening other DAW to Import m4a. it is ridiculus Cubase does not support the file conversion, what is the problem here people have been asking about this feature since 2014 !

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