M4a Files NOT Supported - ???

M4a audio files are popular in many hand held devices, (e.g. smart phones) . Due to closure (COVID-19) of schools Nationwide USA, Virtual classrooms have become the norm . Unprecedented at my University, we are holding an online Big Band Jazz performance class . I’m responsible for acquiring and assembling all of the 25 students various instruments/parts into an arrangement I’ve established in Cubase . I’m finding several students are submitting their parts in .M4a format. Unfortunately, I discovered, Cubase does not recognize M4a on an audio file import . I was just informed by Steinberg support that they do not support M4a files . I can remember a time when Cubase wouldn’t export to Mp3 format without a plugin they provided at an extra cost $. I found a work around using a FREE online converter called Zanzibar, which converted M4a to Mp3 . I was then able to import the Mp3 to Cubase . however, I’m not sure how reliable the conversion is regarding clock info from the M4a . I believe it’s time for CUBASE to step up and start supporting M4a files . M4a files are not going away . Why not a simple patch, like you did for Mp3 a few years back, to resolve the NON SUPPORT Issue of M4a file extensions ??? :unamused: :astonished: