m4a files

Hi there,
has anybody a solution to import m4a files to cubase?
I’m looking for a quick way to get audio files from my itunes library (from the macbook) into my cubase projects for reference tracks.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Matze!

Convert the m4a files to one of the file formats that Cubase can read.


itunes itself will do this-I think it’s under the “advanced” window-“create mp3 version”. Then drag the mp3 on the desktop, then into Cubase. Good luck.

There’s a free convertor out there, goes by the catchy name of:

Free M4a to MP3 Converter 6.0 (maybe newer version numbers)

It converts to .wav or .mp3 from m4a


Or you can burn the m4a file to CD in WMP and import the CD tracks to Cubase (waist of a CD)

mp3’s as references? …it’s not the same… get your references of the original cd’s or get Flac or Wavs instead. Your mixes will be 1000 times better…


Yeah, I know.
Sometimes there’s no other way. Even if it’s just to check the loudness of my songs.
Please don’t give me the “don’t make it as loud as other CD” stuff. If my clients want it loud, I give it to them.

Cheers, Matze!

Wavelab is capable of importing M4A files. As for Cubase, conversion is the best.

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I use TuneClone for conversion. (Most) Songs purchased on iTunes are copy protected (AAC) and can’t be converted without 3rd party software. This product does great batch conversion and is quick and easy. Worth the investment if you’re doing a lot.


It’s funny that this subject came up. I just received “an albums” worth of songs to mix and I was given M4A files. I hate to say the “p” word here, but I converted them using pro tools then I was able it import them right into Cubase…


I am curious why Wavelab will convert, but Cubase won’t. Odd…

Wavelab’s strength is audio. Cubase is primarily a MIDI sequencer, so I would say that they thought Wavelab must be capable of importing every format, but for Cubase it wouldn’t be so necessary when you’re normally dealing with Mp3’s, Waves, etc.

Suppose that makes sense. Tho it would be nice if the ability was there in Cubase.

Yeah, would be!

I ran into this problem - a client records all of their demos on their iPhone which produces m4a files.

I found this neat little freeware (Windows) app:

It does batch conversion and apart from a splashscreen when you open the app it doesn’t give you any of the spamware grief that freeware often does.

This is not true anymore. Of the hundreds of songs my daughter has purchased, 3 are protected, and those were the first 3 she purchased prior to itunes selling unprotected songs. And the protected files have the file extension m4p while the non-protected files have the extension m4a, which is what the op is interested in. That being said, it could still be a good way to convert.


For me it’s still hit and miss with m4a and m4p on iTunes. It seems older and more obscure songs are still protected m4p.

Other than not being able to import m4a files directly into Cubase, it’s only an extra step to right click in iTunes and convert the file(s) to whatever you want–for free. Then import.

2020 still no .m4a support in Cubase??


I just ran into this problem :frowning:

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Terrible a program like cubase 11 can’t do a simple conversion.
Studio one does it, free progs like VLC does it Audacity does it.
Steinberg get the finger out and sort this.

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