m4a huge memory leak and crash

i was batch converting some m4a files to mp3 and wavelab would hang after a few files have been processed.

can this be fixed? as my laptop almost caught fire

Are you using WaveLab 10.0.20?
Are you converting with the batch processor (any plugin involved?) Or the batch format converter?

repro cntrl+n
batch processor full multicore empty preset
drag in folder of around 100 m4a’s
no processing simply converting to mp3 320 see screen shot
after a few files memory leak and crash

wavelab v 10.0.20

I can’t reproduce this at all. Maybe this depend on the m4a files you are using. Maybe you could send me one so that I try it (I could copy it 100 times…)

pm sent, if there is anything else i can do on my end to help repro this problem please let me know

Thanks, this was useful. This is caused by a problem in some of your aac file header, that WaveLab can’t recover from.
But I could find a solution for 10.0.30.

great , glad you were able to reproduce.

keep up the great work