m4a to mp3 convertor

Hi people,

Here in the UK, during the lockdown, I have volunteered my services for a remote recording project with a local choir.

To put in simply, around 150 choir members will be recording their parts on mobile devices and I will be putting them together and producing an end result!!

The problem I have is that some of the audio files being sent are m4a and I need to convert them to mp3!!

There would appear to be loads of DL for convertors, but I was hoping that some of you could recommend a DL that I can trust???

Thanks in advance!!

Jim B

I’ve been using Xmedia Recode for that exactly, see attached for settings. Can batch process.

Fre:ac has been around for a long long time.

I have no solution but that project sounds fun

Thanks for all your replies.
I have been recording the choir master for a while now, but in my Mancave studio, so it’s quite straightforward!
I will try some of your suggestions, and thanks again for your help.
Once I’ve got that part sorted it’ll be straight into mixing together all the different parts, and I’ve been told it could be up to 200 separate tracks, so that’ll be a great test for both my set up and my sanity!!

I’ll keep you all posted👍

Jim B

Hi there

I m not at my machine so can’t check but I have a feeling that audacity would do it, it certainly loaded a couple things that WaveLab wouldn’t.

Best Regards, Dave

I recall watching an Eric Whitacre video (I think it was a TED talk) where he described the technical issues involved with producing a virtual choir: thousands of members in 120 countries. I can’t locate the exact video at the moment, but If you’re not familiar with his work, it makes for fascinating viewing.

Thanks for that,

I’m working through the normal issues, slow but sure! The real problem is the way that singers, when unaccompanied, tend to stray off beat in different areas of the song!!

So the real problem I’m having is the artistes NOT Cubase, and that’s something I regularly hear!!!

Thanks and stay safe!!!

Jim B