Maat thEQ Orange - preset loading weird problem in Wavelab 11 Pro Montage

I had a lot of headaches here until I understood what was messing some masters.

The ones that were ready but the customer asked for a little loudness change. I opened the montage, changed the loudness without even listening, and then received a complaint about the master being totally veiled:

1. The Maat Orange seems to “forget” some Q values when the session is reloaded after being closed. For these parameters, it randomly put Q: 2 or 3.

2. If I load an empty Orange Eq and try to load any preset, it will load it whit some wrong Q values (mostly the first numbered eq points [1-6], it doesn’t seem to alter the other half [7-12]. But if you load the preset over itself, it gets fixed right.

It doesn’t happen in the Master section.

The problem is the workaround is very painful.
I need to save a preset for every tinny change I make in the EQ all the time, or I won’t be able to have it loaded back when/if needed to revisit the project. And suppose I do need to revisit it. In that case, I need to carefully check every instance of Orange Eq and all Q and presets to ensure I’m not altering anything of my accomplish after many working hours.

I’m already in touch with Nills in Maat support, helping them fix this.
If Steinberg could help too, it could be faster.

I made a video of this bug for them.
I tried to put the link here, but the system doesn’t accept links.
If you are interested, send a message asking for it.


Sounds like a problem with the plugin manufacture and not WL. FWIW

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Yep. I think so too. I was just wondering if some info could help them get there fast.
But I need to say that I work with Pro Tools and Studio One too, and they are far more stable than the Wavelab 11. Very nice plugins such as Maat, Nugen and others that are bugged in Wavelab work just fine in these other DAWS.
So, the problem might be at their side but there’s a chance Wavelab is not helping them too, right? Otherwise, it would have fewer (and not so weird) bugs.
Anyway, I hope they find the solution soon.

Lots of plugins in WL don’t work the same as they do in different DAWs. One would think that since Steinberg is the creator of VST technology they would have the least problems. This ongoing problem with certain plugins in WL has been going on for years. It is always blamed on the plugin developers but…I suspect it has other ramifications. Maybe eventually WL will work with all plugins seamlessly. I hope so as one of the plugins I use a lot is RX and Izotope will not certify it for use with WL.

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I feel this weirdness too.
I love Wavelab, but this never-know-if-will-get-to-work thing freaks me out.