(MAC) 10.5.11 crashes reactivating blacklisted plugins

This is the message from steinberg developer here in one post with the same problem and question

This is due to new restrictions by Apple. Any new software released after the 1st February 2020 needs to apply the so called “Hardened Runtime” which prevents some old plug-ins to work. The developer of these plug-ins need to provide updates for this. Nothing Steinberg can do.

I have the same problem but just with 1 plugin (kontakt 5). It’s blacklisted and when I try to reactivate it crash, just disappear without crash log . Nothing helps . It was blacklisted in 10.5.10 too, but reactivation works without problem. Now with 10.5.11 it’s impossible …

Keep in mind that I have all software and plugins legal and updated to latest versions

And to quote myself:

This is due to new restrictions by Apple. Any new software released after the > 1st February 2020 > needs to apply the so called “Hardened Runtime” which prevents some old plug-ins to work.

I am sorry that you still have issues with blacklisting.

studioton, regarding your Kontakt 5 issue, could you get in contact via a support ticket at info [at] steinberg dot de and mention my name in the subject?

Could you provide a system report or a system information file please?
Could you create a screenshot of the blacklist entries found in Studio -> VST Plug-in Manager -> Blacklist?
Which VST2 plug-in paths are set in the VST plug-in manager (click the gear wheel icon at the bottom)
Is the latest Kontakt version installed? If not which version is currently used?
Could you send us the compressed Cubase preferences folder with the email?


Did updating Kontakt 5 to 5.8.1 fix the problem?

I had a similar sounding issue and in the end I turned of Mac OS’s rather overly protective ‘System Integrity Protection’ by rebooting into recovery mode and using terminal command “csrutil disable”.

Once I did that, I could re-enable plugins that 10.5.11 had blacklisted without it crashing.

It’s probably not the most ideal solution but whatever.

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No, still blacklisted and crashing, but this time with crash report… I send it to support

Do you have SIP enabled?

I have SIP disabled here as well. Maybe thats the difference. Heck Im on a NON SUPPORTED OS

Also, I am using a NON METAL capable video card here. Stock card

  1. I think this issue is Mac OSX and its security permissions crap as has been posted, SIP
  2. VST venders need to update their stuff to reflect OSX requirements
  3. Steinbergs Plugin Scanner should catch plugins that are potential crash suspects( It was advertised to us in this way as a good thing and better stability)
  4. I think METAL has something to do with this as well as Im on an old NON METAL video card.
  5. The re scanning of the VST plugins is pointing out plugins that are not updated to OSX security

As I understand it, because Cubase 10.5 was compiled on Mojave (Mac OS 10.14) which has depreciated OpenGL graphics acceleration, so previous OS versions and older software that do not use Metal and/or rely on OpenGL cause troubles for Cubase and various plugins.

I was previously on High Sierra as well before updating to Cubase 10.5 and had serious stability issues. Besides the memory leak that has now been fixed, Cubase would hang whenever I would use a plugin that relied on OpenGL graphics acceleration such as any of the Waves, Fabfilter or MeldaPlugins and it wasn’t until I updated my OS to Mojave, after much apprehension, that these issues were ironed out. Thats not to say it was a completely smooth transition, as quite a few plugins needed to be updated there were the SIP issues, Security & Privacy/Automation-Permission issues due to some new security measures that newer versions of Mac OS had implemented, but once they were ironed out Cubase has worked like a charm.

If you are still on an older version of Mac OS, I would recommend updating to Mojave and I don’t say that lightly.

There are all manner of issues with drivers and plugins on Catalina (Mac OS 10.15) thanks to even more increased security measures and the total abandonment of any any all things 32bit (so no more 32bit Lives to resurrect old plugins). Mojave seems to be a good compromise - for example: I can use old Powercore plugins on Mojave via 32bit Lives, but this would be completely impossible on Catalina.

With all due respect to the people working hard behind the scenes at Steinberg, I harbour a bit of resentment of how the whole 10.5 update process has gone, particularly in the early days when there was little communication or acknowledgement of the rather serious bugs plaguing the new new update. I’m by no means their biggest fan - BUT with that said, even I feel that some of these serious issues are not totally the fault of Steinberg but thanks to Apple, and if Steinberg wish to continue to be Trusted Developer with Notarised Apps to function relatively easily on Mac OS, they need to play by Apple’s rules and thats the end of it.

Just found this thread.

I am having an issue with a plug in that I am BETA testing. I finally forced it to work by using RESCAN from the blacklist menu, but now they have sent us a new version to test, and after install clicking RESCAN causes Cubase to crash. I’m on Mac, 10.5.20. Don’t know how to solve this but need to continue testing. They have no real suggestions that have worked…any ideas?

This worked, thank you