Mac 10.9.5

I know its not supported , has anyone tried H6 on this system yet ?

Does H6 replace your H5 in your plugins folder or can the 2 be run together ?

I’m curious too. Not gonna buy it if it doesn’t work on 10.9.5.

I’ll have a chance to install H6 on an old Mac Pro running 10.9.5 this weekend.
Will report back.

Great tx

Got to this sooner than expected.
The full installation on a Mac Pro 1,1 was problem free.

I was able to load various instruments into H6.
As seen in the attachment, a sample was dragged into the wavetable editor.

Is this a full endorsement of compatibility?
More time is needed to make that claim, but at this point, it looks pretty good to me.
H6 10.9.5.jpg