[MAC] 250 - 500ms delay / latency

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Please help :confused:

I have been struggling with this “issue” for a long time and now whenever I record something I have to manually go in and shift all the events to the right just to have a hope of getting things in time.

This has happened on C9 and C9.5 and seems to reproducible by:

  • Open new empty project

Create a VSTi (e.g. Battery) routed to master

hit a note

hear it delayed by quarter to half a second.

I tried this using both the MOTU 828 firewire and aggregate drivers - same thing. Latency buffer set to 256 and 512 and its reporting 6-12 ms. No way is it that in practice. What is causing this?

If I play the notes to the click with the VSTi turned off, its recorded in time but of course when I record while hearing the VSTi I’m hearing I naturally compensate everything so its recorded ahead by that amount. The latency while using the Virus TI is the same.

Anyone struggling with this? Any known work arounds? I see a record compensate parameter which didn’t seem to help.



I’m not sure why you (we) have this issue but, there is a “Track Delay” function available in the inspector. You can use it to change the timing of that track.

I use the track delay function often. Some (not all) of my VSti instrument tracks are recorded late when compared to other instrument tracks and audio tracks which are always dead on time. Usually I enter a value of about -42ms and that takes care of it.

You say yours are up to 500ms off. That’s a lot. So maybe you have a different issue that someone else can assist with. But, the “Track Delay” function will allow you to adjust it.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have just tried the track delay but noticed it doesn’t affect the audition so Im still having to preempt the timing by playing everything a little early. If I then set the track delay it plays back in time OK but when I apply quantise or edit its totally lost as the actual events are no longer on the system “time”.

worth a try tho :smiley:

thanks again


I’m not familiar with the MOTO 828 but, could there be some kind of delay (or some other setting, effect, etc.) activated in your audio interface mixer?

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Problem solved! :smiley:

Thanks for the push there PRock - I tried with the MOTU off and only the internal audio and it was the same.
Then I went through deleting plugins and VSTis madly (before when trying, I’d deleted the actual tracks). Finally!! I realise I had an instance of Voxengo Curve EQ (free with Cubase) on the -Master bus- (I use to see the spectrum in m/s of my tracks). I’ve now found out it isn’t designed for live use and introduces a big delay, even when muted. I replaced it with SPAN and Bang … razor sharp response!
Curve EQ is in all my templates on the master bus and therefore all my projects, so I must have been living with this for at least 2 years!!

There is a moral here somewhere…



Cool beans… Glad it is sorted. :wink:

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