Mac Aggregate device with USB mic and A-DAT device produces unclocked audio

I’m running Cubase Pro 12 on an M1 Mac Studio. Prior to updating to this new MAC I ran an Rode NT-USB mic in conjunction with a Behringer Ultragain Digital (A-DAT interface) by creating an aggregate device in Audio Midi Setup.

However since the M1 upgrade if I try to run this (or any other aggregate device in Cubase, the audio playback crackles and sounds like a sample rate mismatch. (FYI: I record everything at 48kHz).

The solution has been to keep Cubase using one audio device, usually my Ultragain, and use an XLR mic, leaving my RODE NT-USB gathering dust.

My first though was my RODE Mic is not M1 compatible, however when I use the exact same aggregate setup in Garage Band, it plays back perfectly, with no issue.

Does anyone have any information that might point towards a cause and maybe a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

Steven Grossmith