Mac and Windows tags on Cubase/Nuendo forums

Just 2 more tags.
Certainly asked many times ?
I see so often people here posting a request and ,the first answer is the question ‘Mac or Windows ?’

It used to have separate forums but it was changed a few yrs ago and despite numerous requests has been ignored.
I would like it back to the old way too.

I think the reason this won’t happen is that the result will be topics marked Win or Mac, but whose contents actually apply to both platforms.

In any case if people add their specs to their profiles it would certainly reduce the noise.

@steve I see your point, and it is okay for me the way it is.
As for reducing “noise” I use both platforms so I guess you could consider me Noisy :smiley:
I think if posters have a specific question with a problem then they should certainly post their specs to avoid the inevitable question of which OS.

Totally. And still, people would have to actually tag their posts, which doesn’t happen frequently. Meh.