(Mac) Arrow keys function

With CB Pro I no longer have forward/backward capability in the Export window when naming files. I have to click to somewhere in the text and use backspace or space to replace letters/numbers. In CB I have the arrows set to move locators L/R to cursor. Can the normal arrow button function be returned when in the export window?

Hm, probably not a good idea to override the unmodified arrow keys. Try setting these functions to keypad+, keypad-, or at least ALT+arrow keys or something. I don’t think they’re going to fix this in the way you suggest, and I even think they shouldn’t: I want my keypad+ and keypad- keystrokes to work even if the arrangement window does not currently have the focus.

I’m not resetting my key commands for the arrow keys-and shouldn’t have to. All other key commands are disabled when entering text in the export window EXCEPT the arrow keys. I’m pretty sure this was an oversight and needs to be corrected.

If this is reproducible on other Mac systems it sounds like a bug- it is working properly on my Windows setup, even after reassigning the arrow keys in the way resomedia has done.

You should post this in Issue reports- be sure to read the guidelines. :smiley: