Mac Book Pro - Internal audio problems


I think this issue was supposed to be addressed in the latest update


Majority of the time I use headphone jack to work with Cubase on my Mac Book Pro - works fine

Usually connect to my audio interface (ASIO) when I’m on Monitor Speakers - works fine

In the above cases the machine works out what it is doing and I get sound left + right

IF HOWEVER I just open the Mac, start cubase, it gets lost trying to get audio working, the best I can get is left speaker only working

I like to check my mixes on a variety of speakers so this is the reason why I’d want to use the internal speakers. Plus it should work!

Seem to be able to disable internal audio then re enable it in AUDIO CONNECTIONS and for a main output it seems to spark it up

Control room - never can get anything but the left speaker going?

Does anyone know how to get this up and running

Appreciate it could be an Apple OS issue coming into play here

Any ides greatly received :slight_smile:


I Posted this a while ago and didn’t find an answer and still get the same frustrating issue

I can’t seem to get it to work easily?

Can anyone please help?