Mac Cubase 13 won't work with Steinberg UR22C Interface

I just upgraded to Cubase 13 and purchased a MacBook Air to use with Cubase. The program is fine when it uses the built in audio, but when I connect it to the UR22C, it crawls along with the spinning wheel, taking minutes to do the simplest tasks, like opening the hub. What’s wrong with it? I directly connected the audio interface to the thunderbolt connector, but it was the same.

As I’ve worked the problem, I’m realizing the issue is with Cubase not recognizing the Yamaha/Steinberg driver. It appeared to timeout on “Yamaha Steinberg AADM Extension.” I installed Yamaha Console Extension driver 3.5, but it still won’t accept using the UR22C driver. I tried using UR22C with the GarageBand program installed and the interface works perfectly well.


Make sure you have the latest driver and firmware installed, please.

you have to allow macOS to allow kernel extensions so the driver can install. It means going into the security settings. Read the process on the steinberg web site.

First time i tried to use my UR22 on macOS I fell foul of this procedure as I’d come from windows :slight_smile:
My UR22 is working fine on my MBP m1 Max


Thanks, it was the problem. I’m now having issues with Cubase recognizing interfaces that uses Mac’s Core Audio. I’m going to see if there’s any posting that can help.