mac Cubase 6.06 pops and clicks

Hi been using cubase on pc for a number of years , made the move to mac in the last 2 weeks , im having intermittent problems with the audio recording pops and clicks , it seems weird some times there at the start and end of words , and then they are whereever turnd off Bluetooth and time machine , there are no cpu spikes , im using around 5 to 8 milliseconds of latency

if anybody has had this same problem and managed to sort it out please get in contact


Cubase 6.0.6
2,26 8 Core Mac pro
14 gig ram
Snow leopard
SSl Madi Extremme , alpha link
Midi sport 2X2


Have you tried increasing your buffer size to see if that makes a difference?

Failing that, maybe post a quick file with the problem in it so we can take listen.

Hope this helps