Mac: Cubase not remembering Device Setup settings


every time I start Cubase it has forgotten settings in Device Setup. In particular, my remote device - Alphatrak. This problem has only started recently, and I’ve never had any problems before.

I have tried trashing prefs, but this does not help.

Any ideas?



Alphatrack is older device. Maybye, this is not compatible with latest version of Cubase. Do you have last version of Alphatrack driver?

Does the problem really start recently? No update (of Cubase, of system, of any part of system) here?

Thanks for your reply. Everything has been working perfectly for a long time now. I haven’t knowingly changed anything. But it’s not just the Alphatrack settings that are being lost. MIDI port names and other settings are not being remembered. I would have thought trashing prefs would help, but it doesn’t.