mac died, recieved a new one from apple, have lost my usb


I really apologise i dont know quite how this works but i could use some assistance
With an issue im having. My mac died for the fourth time in 3 years. So apple has sent me a new one! Yay!! Which is amazing but i dont know where my usb dongle is for elicencer?
I run cubase 8 elements with its bundled plugins. The only plugins i purchased
Were the mp3 encoder and
Halion symphonic orchestra.
I use a steinberg ur44 ai and everything was working smooth and up to date in my steinberg.

My questions are:
Do i need it?
And if i do am i in deep doodoo?
And can somebody help me through the process?
I just want to get up and running again!
Thanks to anyone out there who may be able to help



I checked your account - your software was activated locally, not on a USB-eLicenser (no license transfers are registered in the license server as well).

In order to authorise your new installation, you can go through the reactivation process (the four licenses contained on the old Soft-eLicenser will be all reactivated):

Kind regards,