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Apologies if i’ve missed some vital and obvious reason for this, but why do we not have separate forums for the two different platforms?

We did before and it made life easier searching for answers etc. I’m sure being all thrown in together is a good thing (insert your own comment/opinion here) but personally, i liked it the way it was :unamused:


This subject was discussed to death when the new Forum first opened.

See here if you want to peruse some of the comments back then :

I’d like to see separate forums restored


Been done to death, it ain’t going to happen, get used to it.

Aloha +1

Now that everyone is registered I find that it get really productive around here.

I was one of the biggest screamers for separate forums but now I realize ‘it aint so bad’
and I’m learning more and more about PC stuff.

Kinda kool.

Change can be a bear but don’t let that stop you.



I think it’s fine the way it is. If you are seeking Mac users, include it in the title of your post.

After reading all the previous comments for and against separate platform forums, i’m still convinced having an ‘all in’ policy isn’t practical. And Weasel’s comment about ‘wading through noise’ and ‘system specific’ issues is very relevant. What may cause a similar problem on both platforms may not have a similar solution.

Without sounding ‘elitist’, as well as being informative, there should be a ‘convenience’ factor. In most cases, for my sins, i’ll consult the cubase forum and it’s helpful members for assistance, whilst in the middle of a project, which is normally when i encounter problems. To then have too sieve through all the responses for both platforms can and is a little frustrating :wink:

I hope they do reconsider, as i suspect i’d use the forum less from a practical point of view.


Yep. You probably will use the forums less. I do. A lot of the Mac guys I knew here rarely show…
…and it’s not gonna change, so eat it and smile.

Aye, I didn’t like it either. Most issues people raise aren’t platform specific - splitting the forum into two means people don’t notice stuff that relates to them but happens to be raised by someone on another platform.

If you’ve got a mac-specific issue, say it’s mac-specific.

I’m no expert on forum programming but I do know a bit about basic web programming and I find it hard to believe that a simple filter structure couldn’t be implemented to help sift through the noise.
Just look at the “English, Deutsch” buttons on the front page. Am I a little shocked that the forum software cannot detect that I’m logging on from the US? Yes. But at least I can choose the english sub-forum and not have to sift through a list of threads in several languages.
The same should be true for Mac, PC.
Forum contributors should have a button to designate their post as Mac, PC, or Cross platform. Then implement icons and a simple filter for the readers. That way you can look at everything (Zzzzzzzzz…) Or you could refine your viewing.
Moderating can be done in one location but readers see the content that they want. Everybody’s happy.

What’s wrong with that?

“get used to it” is a sophomoric reply that only fosters mediocrity.


As I wrote on one of the previous threads, the unification may have been to help Steinberg to recognise common problems (perhaps because a lot of the code base might be common) rather than an artificial separation (from their point of view) along OS lines, requiring them to reconcile two myoptic lists. I write myoptic, because people will express problems in their own terms of reference, even if those terms begin to cloud the real issues.

I spend a lot of time on the EastWest forums, where there are mostly no distinctions between the OS platforms, even in the Hardware forum. A lot of the discussions benefit from tapping the resources of both camps to identify common issues. Many may run their DAWs on a Mac, but a lot have PC slaves via VEPro. Horses for courses really!

Now, different languages are another thing. While Gernman may have been the language commonly used for technical stuff in the 19th and early 20th centuries, since WWII, the rise of the USA as a technical superpower has made English the technical language (much to the dismay of the French!). This has meant that in most countries where English is not the primary language, most people are at least bi-lingual with English, which is something lost on people from countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. Hence, a unified forum with all languages would present substantial difficulties for a large part of the target DAW market.

Now, I learnt five years of high school French, but it didn’t help me when I really needed it. I once got a spam email originating from a Belgium ISP. Most of their pages had French, Dutch and English versions, except for complaints, which were only in French and Dutch.

I thought I would put my hard won French ‘skills’ to good use and answer the French questions. However, because practically all the technical words were (deliberately) uniquely French, I couldn’t understand ANY of them. Instead, I went to the Dutch version, which I had never learnt, but at least all the technical words were spelt mostly like the English versions, but with slightly different endings. So I understood, and answered (in English), ALL of them.

Patanjali said

Gernman may have been the language commonly used for technical stuff in the 19th and early 20th centuries,

Although Germany has produced TOP technical, scientific and inventive brains, this has been so despite their language and not because of it. German tends to be an unwieldy language where technical matters are concerned. You are also forgetting that English was heading towards being a global language well before the World Wars, the Industrial Revolution started in these islands and most of the inventions that matter were invented HERE and not in the USA. Ooops - that sounds a bit confrontational :blush:

Sorry about the rant, but when I have to accept “US English” as my language to do anything on the internet, I get slightly irritable and Meldrewish. (We invented him too!). :laughing:

“Fuggedaboutit dude, it ain’t worth the heartburn, OK? No biggie, kapisch??”.

Just kidding, zebbie, just kidding!! :laughing:


“Fuggedaboutit dude, it ain’t worth the heartburn, OK? No biggie, kapisch??”.

I don’t believe it! :laughing:

…and that’s pretty much when industrial revolution and development in the “islands” ended as well…just after WWII… :wink:


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This could become a sport.
This is the most fun I’ve had since the indroduction of Kinderforum.
best of luck everybody

It’s getting off topic and the topic itself smells a bit like a dead horse… we won’t introduce Mac and PC specific forums again.