Mac: Frontier Alphatrack alternatives?

I’ve pretty much given up on Frontier producing an Alphatrack driver for Cubase 6 (64-bit), and wondered if anybody can recommend a reasonable priced alternative. My needs are pretty modest - transport controls, scrubbing, pan, volume, navigation between markers being the most important.



Since you ask here, the Steinberg ones might be worth a look?

Luck, Arjan

Do you own an iPad?

No scrubbing, but the Presonus Faderport is nice. Just keep in mind that the Pan encoder may not work well if turned very fast. For my needs it has the right size and price. Could have some enhancements, though.

Steinberg’s CC121 is nice but too bulky for my small desktop. The new modular controllers also look nice but I find them too expensive if I have to get the ones I need to cover what the Faderport does.

Previously I owned 2 Alphatracks, but I had ground loop problems and couldn’t use them, not at home or at office.

I do believe they have released a driver that works with Mac 64 on this page. I know the windows 64 bit driver underneath it is working for me.

Apologies for not responding to these replies, so a belated thanks - a lot seems to have happened over the past few months but I’m finally back to music making.

Still having no luck with the Alphatrack, and it looks like it might be about to be discontinued, so I’ll check out the alternatives. I don’t have an iPad (yet), but this might be a good option. The new modular controllers do look nice, but I’d probably need at least three of them to replace the Alphatrack.

I’ve replaced my AlphaTrack with this (you need an iPad though):

Thanks, that looks impressive. I’ll need to start saving.