mac geeks

hey mac knowers =)

I was looking at those new macbook pros…

Can one put their own HDs into those machines?

I see that they offer up to 4tb of SSD… This would suffice, but $3200 for a 4tb SSD is a rip off… the samsung pro line is half the price and theres plenty of other companies…

So, can we can put our own SSD’s in those new macbook pros ?
Why is apple charging $3200 for 4 TB of SSD?

They’re NVMe/PCIe format interfaces not Sata, are custom form factors, and are soldered onto the board.
Price justification - storage has always been overpriced with Apple computers.
Justified? Depends on what you need and how much you need it.

This place needs a “Like” button. lol

That’s not the usual mac-bashing one frequently finds on this and other forae. We use many, many Windows and Mac systems, we know them all.
We use Macs for the workflow advantages in our pipeline and the price so far has been worth it although not always cheerfully.