Mac glyph/character popover and lyrics

Hi folks,

Sorry if this has already been covered (didn’t know what to search for and couldn’t find it when I tried)

When entering text as a lyric, it would be great if I could use the Mac glyph popover - this is when you hold down a letter and different versions of that letter popover, accessible by pressing a corresponding number.

As it is, you hold down the letter/number on the keyboard and the popover does appear and is usable , however while holding it down lots whatever you’ve held down appear in the lyric box, and when you press the number , that number appears as well as the desired glyph:
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 09.52.57.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 09.52.51.png
Could we have it so that it works as intended?

Many thanks

This is an issue with the Qt application framework that Dorico uses. It’s on their list to fix, though we cannot predict when it might actually get fixed.

I would like to have used this on multiple occasions but have had the same problem. You can get around it by learning the Mac OS key combinations for entering diacritics. They’re logical and easy to remember, although they don’t include non-Western European characters.

It’d also be nice if the lyrics popover remained open even if the user accesses something outside of Dorico. I use PopChar, an extremely handy font utility which makes it possible to see all the glyphs of all your installed fonts, and one can choose a glyph which will then be entered in an open text field. Unfortunately, Dorico will already have closed the lyrics popover.

On this note, there was recently another discussion about using the Mac OS’ Show Input Keyboard menu item (if activated, it will be next to the time and date on the upper right). The handy thing about this is that you can select characters from it even though it isn’t in focus or foremost. Using it therefore doesn’t cause Dorico’s lyrics popover to close. In System Preferences you can choose any language you like to be able to display its alphabet.