Mac High Sierra - Padshop Pro instability

I have updated to Mac High Sierra and I am experiencing Padshop Pro instability with the AU in Logic Pro. I went to the support site and see the asterisk next to the March 2015 download that says this is a known issue. Will Steinberg be releasing a new installer of Padshop Pro that addresses this issue? If so, I would be happy to be a “beta” for the fix. Padshop Pro is an important part of my music making and I would very much like to return to a stable experience with Padshop Pro. Thank you.

I posted this issue nine days ago with the expectation that someone from Steinberg would read and reply to my question. Is this not how it works? Should I be directing my question to some other forum? Is there a direct email that I should be using to contact support about Padshop Pro issues? Am I better off trying to place a phone call to the company?

Thank you for reading this and for any direction that you could provide me. Padshop Pro is an important plugin for us and I am hoping that there is a way forward for customers. Happy Holidays.

Padshop Pro on High Sierra crashes Ableton 10 also, sound like time for a bug fix!

With MAC OS X 10.13.3, Ableton Live 10 doesn’t even recognize the .au component for PadShop Pro…I hope there is an update soon that corrects this. I’m sure Logic users are in the same boat.