[Mac] Is there a way to 'roll back' from 6.05—>6.04?

Aloha guys,
the title says it all.

I am having some hardware probs (Yamaha/Steinberg n12)
on my iMac with C6.05 which I did not have with C6.04
and I am now wondering how (and if) I can get back to C6.04.

My Macbook has 6.04 installed and has none of the same probs so
I would like to get back to 6.04 on the iMac to see if the prob clears.

I cannot seem to find .04 anywhere on the MySteinberg support site
or in their archives.

I’m sure just coping .04 from my Macbook to the iMac
would miss some stuff.
But if those things are just preference files etc, no prob.
I could live with that.

Any input on this would be great.

A major Mahalo

Curt, go here to download earlier versions of Cubase such as 6.04


Hi Curt- any chance this a Lion issue? I’m still at 10.6.8 and C6.0.5, 32 bit and no issues with either the n12 or MR816 with Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver 1.7.1. Let me know if there’s anything in particular and I’ll try and replicate it

Aloha playz123 and tanx for the link.

Aloha b,
YES! but in a way.
Like you my n12 was rock solid using Snow leopard
and even tho’ the Yamaha site now says that the
drivers/tools etc are O.K. for use with Lion,
I am still having intermittant probs.

But this may be due to the .05 version of Cubase.
I say this because the n12 works fine with my
Macbook running Lion and .04.
(64bit everywhere on both machines)

Re: Lion:
Be very careful before you upgrade to Lion.
To be honest,
IMHO there are no new or improved features for DAW users.
Nothing new or improved with ‘Core Audio’ or ‘Core MIDI’.

As a last resort I may HAVE to go back to Snow Leopard
but one step at a time.

I’ll report back on the .04 install.

Mahalo to both you guys.

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But I’m only pointing it out > and > deep, deep down everyone knows that it is annoying.

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