Mac Keyboard shortcuts


How do i create a Mac Keyboard shortcut to pull up a specific Workspace environment?

i can see it’s “W” to pull up the main Workspace bit, but is there not a way to go straight to my preferred screen setup?


Aloha G,

What I have done is to create a ‘Key Command’(s) to bring up
specific workspaces.

Works most of the time (but not always).

From the menu bar go to—>
File—>Key Commands (at the bottom)

Good Luck!

Sorry for the delay! Thank you! Couldn’t seem to get this to work!

Have you looked at your key commands?
File menu>Key Commands.
Enter workspaces in the search field.

I’m using a fairly recent install of Cubase 7.5. It looks like option (alt) plus numeric keypad numbers are set by default to open the first 9 workspaces.

Works very well here.