Mac keyboard suggestions?

The keyboard that came with my new Mac is missing that number pad and also feels too limited for my Dorico needs to add shortcuts. So now I’m looking around for a better keyboard, any suggestions?

Dorico is designed to work without the number keypad. I have a wired Apple keyboard with number keypad - it’s very good but they’re quite expensive. If you’re looking at cheaper alternatives, just make sure that the key positions match what you’re expecting, both in terms of OS (Windows vs mac) and language (Dutch? Swedish?).

I switched around the end of last year to a Logitech Craft keyboard. I did so because I was delighted with the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. Both are wireless and both use the same Logitech USB receiver.

It’s expensive but far and away the best keyboard I’ve had. The keys are backlit and have a lovely feel. They’re only about 3mm or so above the keyboard. The whole thing feels very solid. A full charge lasts about a week.

You might perhaps been interested in the discussions around Stream Deck, Touch Portal, Metagrid, FullControl etc.

Kinesis gaming kB. You don’t have to split it. You can program all sorts of macros right to the kB, no external software required. I LOVE mine.

I second David Tee’s suggestion. I also use the Logitech and it works great. The only time there’s any issue at all is changing the pitch of an existing note. For that I have to use the Option Key on the built-in keyboard on my MacBook Pro. Otherwise I can do anything I want to on the Logitech.


I bought a Logitech this afternoon keyboard and really love the feel of it. It’s not the more expencive Craft, but the K375s. Thanks for the suggestions!


It shouldn’t be a problem. Select the note (I usually do that with the mouse) and then it’s just Alt and Up/Down.

But the Alt key on the Logitech does NOT seem to equate to the Alt-Option key on the laptop, for some reason. Don’t know why. (It equates to the Command key instead.) Whereas the Ctrl key on the Logitech doesn’t seem to equate to ANYTHING.

But as I said, the Logitech works perfectly 99% of the time.


I don’t have the same problems - the keys all work as they should for me. A couple of suggestions - update Logitech options if you haven’'t already (there are bug fixes in there) and check System Preferences / Keyboard / Modifier Keys.

I’ve done the opposite, during the years: from a big Das Keyboard III, I’ve gone to all Das Keyboard 4C, without the dedicated numeric keypad. This allowed me to move the trackpad to a much more comfortable position.

Where needed, I simulate the numeric keypad with the help of Karabiner-Elements, with which I build a virtual keypad embedded in the main keyboard.

With Dorico I decided to go entirely without a numeric keypad, real or virtual. Since it allows for single-key shortcuts, I assigned note durations and articulation symbols to a group of keys corresponding to an embedded keypad, but without the need of a modifier key.

My preferred set includes notes with flags in the lower row, without flag in the center row. Something like this:


For my own key commands I use a lot all these three switching keys together: ctrl/alt/cmd
They are easily to reach and when pressing all three together most of the keys are free for own commands. So I can use . for stacc, - for tenuto, ^ for marcato, > for accent, # for sharp and b for flat. Much easier to use on a German keyboard. No need for a number pad. Works fine on a MacBook too.

I’m sorting out Key Commands right now as my approach was really haphazard. I’ve put together lists of the Dorico Key Commands Page (assigned Key Commands) and the Preferences / Key Commands Page (assigned and unassigned Key Commands) to find out where scope for user commands lie and, given the way I work, what I would want to assign - hopefully in a logical way. It’s been a very useful exercise as it’s shown me quite a bit of stuff Dorico can do that I didn’t knew was possible.