Mac Lion 10.7 Support?


Could we have an oficial comment regarding Mac Lion OS 10.7 support / compatibility please?



I would like that also.

The Nuendo forum has a special notice and knowledge base link that the have been updating. I’ve been following it since with N5.5, my system may go to 64bit later this fall.

My worry is that my MR816X will somehow get orphaned in all this conversion so please create a similar 10.7 compatibility notice for this forum, thanks!



The statement is in our News and Announcement forum as well:

The devices will not be orphaned and are currently tested for compatibility.
As soon as we have official results, we will let you know!


Thank you,


My MR816 is not showing up currently at all in Lion. Very interested in hearing any progress asap! thanks.


Good to know the device will carry support through…

But the liked article has no information that I could se about the 816… !

Nice info about other products though. Goodbye Groove Agent…:frowning:(


The hardware info is at the very bottom of the article.

Yes … and it says

Compatibility information for our hardware products will soon be available!”

Like I said … not much info in that!!! :wink:


Hello, Steinberg? The silence is deafening.

Again, as soon as the test results are available, we will publish them.

will you ever comment on the direct monitoring request for the MR series?

I wouldn’t have upgraded to lion is I knew it killed direct monitoring …

This has to be fixed ASAP Steinberg? …

Any news on the hardware support for Lion? It’s not like Lion is a complete surprise to companies like Steinberg and Yamaha, Developer Previews have been available for a long time, even on the App Store since the beginning of the year.

So when is soon available, could this take some more weeks, months of more?

Unfortunately no and this seems to be the case for all Yamaha hardware:

We have to wait for the test results from Japan as well.

This really is a cop out line … Steinberg is the company we paid our money to, you answer us …

But so I just did? And remember that we are part of Yamaha so I don’t really see your point here, sorry.

My point is you never give us proper answers.

We bought these 816’s with the belief of full direct monitoring over multiple units … this has NEVER been available … as far as I can tell the only this you sis about it is drop the price massively and stick your middle finger to all us users who have paid full price for a disabled product line.

I quote this - “I am sorry for the silence on this one. I have forwarded it to the engineering team in Japan and as soon as I have any news on this I will let you know!”

Stop using the “japan route” as your fallback line … tell us you have a team writing an update and you anticipate a release date of … blah blah …

Give us direct answers and get your sh*t working steinberg.

I committed my studio to steinbergs software and hardware by jumping into bed with steinberg - now I feel like I have caught a disease … I should have used protection :frowning:

I use the Japanese route because we depend on the development made by Yamaha. Am I supposed to tell you something else even though that woould not be appropriate and not based on the status quo?

At least you’ve replied to this … not a forum reply from the Direct Monitoring Issue.

As for not having lion ready, the Mac lion Beta program is $99 … you’ve had 3-4 months to test your hardware/software on this occasion. If you haven’t, you’re too cheap to spend the $99 … so where did the $6000-7000 go into that’s i’ve spent on 3x816CSX’s that won’t direct monitor as advertised …

Any serious company that doesn’t have drivers ready at a major release isn’t taking their development seriously these days.

I might sound hostile in my response, but we has entered a relationship … by us paying you money … you now serve us … you should be fixing these issues …

The fact you didn’t reply, just proves the utter distain and disrespect you hold for your customers. It’s truly amazing.